The following 7 photographs show the just-about finished Hydro-Gravitram in 1983
Shab Levy next to the finished Hydro-Gravitram in 1983
The "almost finished" Hydro-Gravitram, 1983
The "almost finished" Hydro-Gravitram, 1983. The header and casing was done at the Water Bureau shop after the "guts" of the sculpture were finished.
The sculpture title "Portland, Oregon, U.S.A." was added just before it was shipped to New Orleans.
A detail. The primary material used in the sculpture was copper plate of 1/32" thickness and the joints were silver soldered.
One interesting feature was an auto siphon. As the acrylic cylinder filled to the top, the syphon would be activated and drain the water, only to start the cycle again. There were two auto-syphons in the original sculpture. Those got destroyed and will be rebuilt.
Automatic Siphon

The arrow shows water filling up a container with a built-in U tube as shown. The blue color depicts the process of water rising up the container. As the water continues to rise to the top of the U tube, shown here with green color, the water fills up the U tube to the top and the U tube becomes a siphon which drains the water off. When the water drains almost to the bottom, in fact to the bottom of the right arm of the U tube, the siphon is broken and the container starts filling the container again.
       The following 5 stereo photographs were taken on August 3, 2011 at the Portland Water Bureau warehouse. On left here is the same picture in 3D. Use red/cyan glasses to see it in stereo.
    Use red/cyan glasses to see the pictures on left in 3D stereo
    Shab Levy next to the current sculpture
    Shab Levy next to the current sculpture
    Terry and Mike from the Water Bureau next to the current sculpture
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