Inertia-Traveling-Train-Jer.jpg (57543 bytes) INERTIA CART - A cart is put in motion and a ball is shot up in the air. The ball falls in the same place even though the cart has moved in the meantime. Science Centre of Jerusalem, Israel. 
CENTRIFUGAL FORCE - The two weights slide up the curve as the speed of the spinning shaft increases. Science Centre of Jerusalem, Israel.  Centrifugal-Force-Jerusalem.jpg (82379 bytes)
Gravitation-Pin-Ball-Jerusa.jpg (95490 bytes) TRAJECTORY - A ball is launched with the pin, the visitor watches the trajectory and tries to predict where the ball will fall. If successfully placed, the "catcher" will trap the falling ball. Science Centre of Jerusalem, Israel. 
INERTIA - A lever hits the bottom puck and removes it without disturbing the rest of the pucks sitting on top of it. Science Centre of Jerusalem, Israel.  Inertia-Pucks-Jerusalem.jpg (74416 bytes)
Vacuum-Jerusalem.jpg (64619 bytes) VACUUM CHAMBER - A spinning propeller inside the clear cylinder spins the air which cause a second propeller above it to also spin. When a pump evacuates the air from the cylinder, the second propeller stops spinning, demonstrating that the air acts as the transmitting medium. Science Centre of Jerusalem, Israel. 
Speedometer-NJ.jpg (70200 bytes) SPEEDOMETER - The principle of operation of the speedometer is clearly shown in this exhibit. As the visitor turns the crank, a strong magnet, not in contact with the dish behind it, generates electrical currents in the dish. The faster the spinning magnet, the stronger the current. The back dish is attenuated by a springs and holds the speed indicator. Liberty Science Center in NJ. See also the stereoscopic detail on the right. Speedometer-NJ-Stereo.jpg (86482 bytes)
HELICAL RACE - The visitors start the balls running down this helical path and watch as these accelerate down. Created for the Catawba Science Center in NC, USA. Spiral-Catawba-NC-Stereo.jpg (163549 bytes)
Perpetual-Motion-Wheel-Port.jpg (88253 bytes) PERPETUAL MOTION WHEEL - This is the functioning portion of an exhibit that challenges the visitor to figure out how is it possible for the wheel to spin for weeks without requiring any visible source of energy. See also the Perpetual Motion exhibit at the Franklin Institute. Created for a Science Museum in Chile.
GYROSCOPES - The visitor spins the bicycle wheel on the right, holds it by its side handles and carries it to the seat. The sit if free to spin and when the visitor and the spinning wheel are on it, the gyroscopic action of the wheel causes the seat to rotate slowly. Hong Kong Science Centre. 

All exhibits on this page were designed and produced at Levy Design Studios in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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