Sound-Balloon-NJ.jpg (85207 bytes) SOUND LENS - The two balloons in the left picture act as sound lenses. Because the balloons are filled with gas of different density than air, they focus the sound just as lenses do with light. One person can whisper softly at one side and the other will hear clearly the sound. In this exhibit one balloon is filled with carbon dioxide and the other with air to show that only the different than air gas will act as a sound lens. The picture on the right shows a different angle of the same exhibit. Liberty Science Center, NJ. CO2-Balloon-Lens.jpg (90053 bytes)
Resonance-Tube-NJ.jpg (86216 bytes) RESONANCE TUBE - These four pictures show different details of two exhibits, the two on the left were created for the Liberty Science Center in NJ, and the bottom right for the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

The clear tube contains light styrofoam particles which resonate differently as the sound from a large speaker at one end changes amplitude and frequency. Those changes are controlled by the visitor and displayed as numbers on electronic displays.

Resonance-Tube-NJ-detail.jpg (59068 bytes)
Resonance-Tube-NJ-Stereo-2.jpg (83233 bytes) Resonance-Tube-Brazil,-Seat.jpg (56021 bytes)
Resonance-Rings-NJ.jpg (69928 bytes) RESONANCE RINGS - These four pictures show different angles of two exhibits: the top two were made for the Liberty Science Center in NJ, the bottom two for the Science Center in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

As the volume and frequency of the speaker is changed by the visitor, only one of the rings starts to resonate to that frequency.

Resonance-Ring-in-action-NJ.jpg (69166 bytes)
Resonance-Rings-Brazil.jpg (51736 bytes) Resonance-Rings-NJ-Stereo.jpg (80194 bytes)
Guitar-Strings.jpg (69254 bytes) GUITAR STRINGS - When the visitor plucks one of the strings, the vibration is transferred via levers to one of the containers partially filled with water. The vibrations generate ripple waves in these containers, clearly projected on the frosted tops. The waves are reflected differently from the walls of each container. Liberty Science Center, NJ
PIANO STRINGS - A visitor plucks the strings of this piano frame. At the same time a powerful strobe light with adjustable flash rate illuminates the strings. The visitor can adjust the frequency of the strobe located about 10 feet in front of the piano frame to "freeze" some of the strings by matching the frequency of the strobe to that of the vibrating strings. Liberty Science Center, NJ. 

All exhibits on this page were designed and constructed at Levy Design Studios in Portland, Oregon USA.

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