All exhibits on this page, except the two Ames Room exhibits, were designed and built for the St. Louis Science Center, in St. Louis, Missouri by Levy Design Studios in Portland, Oregon USA. The small Ames Room exhibit was done for the Science Center in Lahore, Pakistan, and the large for the St. Louis Science Center in St. Louis, Missouri.
COMING OR GOING - An illusion of motion is the result when staring at these spinning spirals - an almost hypnotic experience...
SHIMMERING GRID - The eyes play tricks on us as we stare at these grids.
HEAD ON A PLATTER - In this classic illusion, the head of the person floats in mid air.
COLORS - A variety of color experiments and illusions are part of this section of the exhibition.
SMELL AND TASTE - Here a visitor is challenged to identify smells or tastes inside hidden containers.
AMES ROOM - This original sensory illusion demonstration was developed by Adelbert Ames at Princeton University between 1945-1955. When looking inside the distorted room and moving some of the components with the knob, the shapes and sizes take on strange realities.
FULL SIZED AMES ROOM - Although the child is much shorter than the adult, he looks bigger in this full size Ames Room as a result of the distorted construction of the room where one side is half of the other. 

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