Race-Track-Jeddah.jpg (72877 bytes) CAR RACE - Four cars race in slots. The goal is to use a combination of speed and "amount of gas" in the electronic tank of the cars to finish the game, win the race and stay longest on the tracks. Liberty Science Center NJ.
GEAR BOX - A cut-out in a functioning gear box. Stereoscopic photo. Liberty Science Center, NJ. Gear-Box.jpg (91560 bytes)
Automobile-Brake.jpg (61352 bytes) BRAKE - Visitor cranks up the wheel and applies the brake. Liberty Science Center, NJ.
Speedometer-and-Wheel-NJ.jpg (61164 bytes) SPEEDOMETER - Visitor is challenged to turn the wheel as fast as he can. Detail showing the construction and explaining the principle at right. See explanation of the principle of the speedometer in the Mechanics section. Liberty Science Center, NJ. Speedometer 2-NJ.jpg (70273 bytes)
SAIL BOATS AND YELLOW SUBMARINE - Strong fans blow across the blue "lake" while the visitors adjust the sails for maximum efficiency and try to win the race of the two boats to the other end of the "lake". In the background is a model of a submarine. Visitors can pump water in or out of the ballast to see the sub go up or down. Hong Kong Science Museum. Boats-and-Yellow-Submarine-.jpg (78804 bytes)
Propelor-HK.jpg (115861 bytes) PROPELLER - Visitors can control the speed of the propeller and see how it spins inside the water filled donut. Hong Kong Science Museum.
BOAT RACE - Visitors crank the rubber-band engines on these toy boats to race them across the water filled tank. Hong Kong Science Museum. Boat-Race-Pool-HK.jpg (96683 bytes)
All exhibits on this page were created at Levy Design Studios in Portland, Oregon USA

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